The design

The designs of the site

The Wonnarua Language and Culture Archive has been developed in a collaboration between members of the Jumbunna Institute for Indigenous Education and Research at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) and Wonnarua Community members. The website’s design assets have been developed by graphic designer Cassie Willis (Ngemba/Yuwaalaraay, Brewarrina NSW). The concepts of the designs are inspired by the richness and vibrancy of Wonnarua language and culture.


The artworks of 'Tiddalik: The Little Green Frog That Grew'

Charlotte Craven-Miller is a proud Wonnarua teenager and full-time artist. The Wonnarua Nation belongs to the Hunter River Valley region of New South Wales. Her artistic skills and works encompass realism portraiture and images, and abstract art. Her artistic works are inspired by her rich Wonnarua cultural heritage drawing upon The Dreamings and the Wonnarua peoples’ connection and belonging to Country. Charlotte is the artist of the seminal Wonnarua portraiture entitled: “Wonnarua Elders” commissioned by the Wonnarua Nation Aboriginal Corporation and the illustrator of the e-book “The Frog that Grew” present in this Digital Archive. Charlotte is also the recipient of the Mil-Pra Aboriginal Education Consultative Group Indigenous Art Prize, the Riverwood Youth Art Prize, and her works have been purchased and commissioned by governments, universities, organisations and individuals.

Charlotte 6 Wonnarua Elders.jpg
Photo of Charlotte Craven-Miller in front of her artwork 'Wonnarua Elders'. Courtesy of Charlotte Craven-Miller​​​​​​​.