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Nominal suffix: dative
Nominal suffix: ergative and instrumental cases
Nominal suffix: allative2 also verbal suffix: inceptive aspect
Nominal suffix: genitive, used with common nominals to mark a possessor
Nominal suffix; privative; verbal suffix; negates the action indicated by the verb
Nominal suffix, perlative suffix
Verbal suffix. Hort. Suffix
Nominal suffix. prop. Suff
Verbal suffix ref. Suffix
Verbal suffix: continuous aspect marker, also: nominaliser, suffix
Verbal suffix caus1. Suffix
Verbal suffix: permissive suffix
Verbal suffix: universal permissive
Verbal suffix. Future suffix
Verbal suffix. Nominaliser, a place associated in meaning with the verb to which it is attached
Nominal suffix. Indicates a place
Verbal suffix: hypothetical
Verbal suffix: derives an intransitive verb from a nominal root
Nominal suffix: derives an adjective
Verbal suffix caus3 suffix