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Verbal suffix: irrealis (unachieved action)
Verbal suffix: do not do
Verbal suffix: one who does the action of the verb
Verbal suffix. appr. suffix
Verbal suffix: desiderative purpose
Outside (opposed to ‘within’)
Verbal suffix. imp suffix
Nominal suffix: plural, indicating more than one
Verbal suffix: iterative aspect
Nominal suffix: causal
Verbal suffix, derives a nominal from a verb
Verbal suffix pres. suffix
Verbal suffix: distant past tense
Nominal suffix: allative, used with the Demonstrative2, the locational demonstrative and wantja suffix
Nominal suffix: ablative indicates source of materials from which something is made
Nominal suffix. Plural suffix
Nominal suffix used with kin terms
Nominal suffix used with kin terms
Suffix caus2
Verbal suffix caus3 suffix