Wonnarua Nation Aboriginal Corporation

The Wonnarua Nation Aboriginal Corporation (WNAC) was established in 1999 and represents the Wonnarua people, the traditional land owners of the Hunter Valley of New South Wales (NSW). WNAC focuses on nurturing the history and culture of the Wonnarua Nation, improving the wellbeing of its members and managing investments to sustain the Corporation’s work. The Directors have achieved significant milestones since the Corporation was returned to the WNAC Board after a period of administration. As they rebuild the Corporation they are building a bright future for the Wonnarua People.

While the board members manage the Corporation, the Elders are paramount in guiding the Wonnarua Nation. Their wisdom and understanding of Wonnarua history and culture are highly respected by all members of the Wonnarua Nation and beyond.


Photograph of Baiame Cave. Courtesy of Wonnarua Nation Aboriginal Corporation

The Wonnarua Language & Culture Archive is just one of the many projects run by WNAC to assist the Wonnarua People and the wider local Aboriginal community.

More information on the Wonnarua Nation Aboriginal Corporation and its projects and activities can be found on the Corporation website at http://www.wonnarua.org.au/